People in business nowadays are looking for ways to get ahead of the game since we are in the digital era, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital aspect in the realm of digital marketing. However, it is constantly evolving and business owners recognize how important digital marketing particularly search engine optimization (SEO) to build their presence online. Hence, they seek professional help to attract more customers and improve their search engine rankings. With that, people who are interested in the world of SEO are practically investing in training as it has become popular in the country. Numerous SEO training institutes in the Philippines offer in-depth programs and courses to help business owners and individuals be proficient with skills in SEO.

Top SEO Training Institutes in the Philippines

Many schools teach about Search Engine Organization (SEO), which is always changing. These schools offer many classes for all levels, with courses designed to fit individual needs and goals. Want to improve your SEO skills? Look into top institutions in the Philippines for comprehensive training.

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Featuring the top 5 SEO training institutes in the Philippines: Yellow Hat Apprentice, All White Hat, Pro VA, SEO Training Philippines and Inventive Media.

JC Corpuz’s Yellow Hat Apprentice is a well-known training institute that offers a wide range of courses for beginners and advanced learners and boasts of being the premier SEO apprenticeship program in the Philippines. The instructor is certified in the field, has real-world experience, and provides hands-on training in SEO. The program has produced over a hundred SEO practitioners from different parts of the world and has gone to work for companies in the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

All White Hat by Angel Licerio is another cardinal SEO training institute in the Philippines. She provides world-class training programs and customized courses for businesses and all walks of individuals. The instructor is a highly commendable SEO Strategist and founder of SEO Tutorials Philippines and has years of expertise in the SEO industry. 

ProVA Philippines is also a leading SEO training institute that provides omnibus SEO Training and certification programs. Their course offers a broad range of SEO topics, including keyword research, on-page optimization, analytics, and link building. Aside from that, the institution is notable for its pragmatic approach to training which focuses on teaching the latest SEO techniques that yield real results.

SEO Training Philippines on the other hand, is an institution with a decade of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship. They offer a comprehensive course online that is their flagship course – Zero to Hero, perfect for beginners, career shifters, and advanced individuals in the SEO industry. Their Ultimate Course offers an apprenticeship program to help learners hone their SEO skills.

At Inventive Media, they have internationally qualified and experienced professionals who offer SEO and Digital Marketing courses. They are experts in their respective fields and will provide you with the best training possible. In addition to that, they have self-paced online courses that allow trainees to learn at their own pace.

Features and Services Offered by SEO Training Institutes in the Philippines

Numerous SEO training institutes in the Philippines provide a variety of features and services, such as:

Course and Training Program

  1. Yellow Hat Apprentice provides a comprehensive SEO Bootcamp. The course covers topics such as keyword research, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Technical SEO, and Local SEO. The hands-on training has internship programs as an Associate, Specialist, Expert, and Assassin which can last up to 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks respectively depending on which program you are enrolled in.
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2. All White Hat on the other hand offers courses perfect for beginners and experts alike. They offer basic, fundamental, and advanced SEO topics and can be taken at your own pace. However, they are not offering an internship at the moment.

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3. ProVA Philippines meanwhile offers an SEO course with inclusions on On-Page, Off-Page, introduction to Technical SEO, Content Writing, Social Signals, YouTube SEO, tricks to having 1k subscribers on Tiktok, Facebook SEO, discussions on GMB, Keyword research, website audit and many more. The training lasts up to 8 hours and recorded video can be accessed for a lifetime.

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4. SEO Training Philippines offers complete SEO training courses: A Basic Course answering basic questions about SEO and running a campaign on link building, Complete course, on the other hand, includes all that is included in the Basic Course plus 22 additional advanced SEO lessons and the Ultimate Course tier offers everything that is included in the Complete course plus the Apprenticeship Program, SBB Program, and SEO Audit Masterlist. They offer in-depth SEO tutorials depending on the course tier you are enrolled.

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5. Inventive Media offers courses in digital marketing including Search Engine Optimization. The classes are done virtually with a duration of 2 days or 20 hours and cover the course from the basics to the advance. If you will be able to finish the course, you can qualify for unlimited classes for a refresher.

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Certification and Accreditation

All SEO training institutes mentioned above are giving out certifications if trainees can finish and do the tasks given after the course. However, there are no institutes that offer SEO or any freelancing courses affiliated with and accredited by TESDA in the Philippines right now.


Consulting and Coaching Services

Most of the above institutes offer coaching after the course and some of them have exclusive groups intended for consultation, mentoring, and assistance. The mentioned services help learners apply the knowledge gained in real-SEO-world scenarios, develop effective SEO strategies, and troubleshoot problems being encountered at work or whilst learning.


Resources and Materials

The SEO training institutes provide trainees with a range of resources and materials including videos and tutorials online. These resources help trainees enhance their understanding of SEO and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Find out the unique resources and materials that each training institute furnishes. 


Yellow Hat Apprentice does provide up-to-date tools, applications, and templates related to SEO.

All White Hat enrollees and members have lifetime access to materials and exclusive Facebook and Discord group where they could share and learn from among the members the results, and ask questions related to the job.

Pro VA hands out proposal templates, slide deck presentations, SEO process templates, article sources, worksheets, backlink collections, resume, and cover letter samples and templates, and video tutorials right after the course.

SEO Training Philippines on the other hand, supplies SEO Templates and Worksheets, 2 Premium WordPress Themes (worth $147) to their enrollees.

Inventive Media gives references and exercise materials in PDF form, and trial installers and digital marketing applications are provided to their learners as well.

Factors to Consider in Choosing an SEO Training Institute in the Philippines


Reputation and Experience

Selecting an SEO training institute that has a good reputation, results and track record of success is essential. Read reviews and research them online for testimonials and ask for recommendations from other professionals when needed.

Course Content and Curriculum

Look for an institute that offers a broad range of courses and training programs applicable to your needs. The course content and curriculum should be comprehensive and cover all aspects of SEO.

Instructor Qualification and Credentials

It is vital to look for an SEO training institute that has highly qualified and certified instructors with real-world experience in the field.

Support and Resources

Choose an institute that offers learners access to additional support and resources, such as an online forum, coaching, and consulting services.

Cost and Affordability

Compare the costs of different SEO training institutes and choose one that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

FAQs about SEO Training Institutes in the Philippines


How much is SEO Training?

The cost of SEO training courses and programs in the Philippines varies depending on the institute, course duration, and level of training. Some offer free services and internships, and prices can range from as much as P1,000.00 to P10,999.00.

How do I become a certified SEO?

Becoming a certified SEO involves completing an SEO training program, passing a certification exam, and earning a certificate of completion from a reputable training institute.

Is SEO still in demand?

Absolutely! It is still in high demand globally and in the Philippines. With more businesses shifting to online platforms, the demand for SEO experts has only increased.

Can I do SEO without a degree?

Yes, anyone doesn’t need a degree to learn SEO and can become an expert. Most SEO training institutes in the Philippines offer courses that are open to learners of various backgrounds.

Does SEO require coding?

While acquiring coding knowledge is beneficial to SEO, it is not required. A good SEO training program can teach you essential technical skills needed to execute SEO strategies without coding knowledge.

How can I get SEO with no experience?

You can start by enrolling in an introductory course that covers the basics of SEO. Focus on developing an extensive knowledge base and practical experience.

Will SEO exist in the next 5 years?

Yes. Although SEO is continuously evolving, it will not disappear anytime soon. SEO will remain crucial to businesses’ digital marketing success as long as people use search engines to find information.

In the digital age, SEO is critical to businesses of all sizes. By investing in SEO training and certification programs, individuals and businesses can enhance their SEO skills, increase their online visibility, and generate more leads and revenue. When choosing an SEO training institute, it is important to consider factors such as reputation, course content, instructor qualifications, support and resources, and cost. With the right training and commitment to learning, anyone can become an SEO expert. 

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